Climate Crisis 



We are excited to have the Council make a historic decision at its February, 2020-22 Board meeting and appoint the interim chair and the interim steering committee of the Climate Crisis Commission.

See excerpts from Resolution 110, Establishing a Climate Crisis Commission below.


Read the full Resolution 110 by clicking here.

"The IUCN World Conservation Congress, at is session in Marseille, France calls on IUCN Members to agree on establishing a new Commission with the working title of 'The Climate Crisis Commission' with the aim of mobilising and coordinating the Union and engaging with Regional and National IUCN Committees and broader civil society efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change..."

"...enhanced action on climate change adaptation, mitigation and resilience is necessary to protect communities from the irreversible impacts of climate change..."

"...the world is at a crossroads with the convergence of several crises: catastrophic climate change, the sixth mass biodiversity extinction event, the modification of geological processes, loss of geological heritage and natural resources such as soils and water..."

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Why a commission?

IUCN will likely cease to exist within forty years when the earth heats to two degrees. The damage to life sustaining ecosystems and extreme weather events will create chaos and instability that will make impossible the attainment of IUCN’s mission to protect nature.


the Proposed

Climate Change Commission

The IUCN Climate Change Commission will be the central headquarters from which diverse and dedicated IUCN members will vet and implement the climate protection plan.


How we get there: Pass Motion 003

An international coalition of IUCN members has proposed Motion 003 - Establishing a Climate Change Commission for the World Conservation Congress happening this September in Marseille.


Meet the


Meet the individuals and IUCN Member Organizations committed to establishing a Climate Change Commission.

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All the Latest Updates

Stay up to date with the effort to create a Climate Change Commission and read deep dives into different aspects of the commission.