Legal Memorandum - Explaining the Procedural Irregularities

To Establish a Climate Change Commission at the IUCN

Legal Memorandum: Analysis on IUCN Rules & Regulations as They Pertain to Motion 003

The Earth is on fire. The people are drowning. We need to act now. Good planets are hard to find. -- Join us in our mission to ACT against the Sixth Mass Extinction by establishing a Climate Change Commission at the IUCN. For a breathable future where nature can thrive, IUCN members must unite at the 2021 World Conservation Congress to ensure the Commission succeeds:

1. Support the floor motion to amend Motion 003 to

(a) eliminate the bracketed text calling for another task force on climate and

(b) re-introduce language that will achieve the original purpose of the motion -- establishing a Climate Change Commission.

2. Vote (or grant us your proxy vote) in favor of Motion 003’s original language during the General Assembly.

3. Vote to support the WCC Agenda amendment to include an item regarding the approval of the Draft Climate Commission Mandate

The following Memorandum analyzes the pertinent IUCN statutes and regulations that have created the need to vanguard as IUCN members to establish a Climate Change Commission:

Legal Memorandum June2021 (1)
Download PDF • 163KB

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