Explaining a Commission and Rejecting a Task Force

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Our Motion, Motion 003 - Establishing a Climate Change Commission, was accepted for consideration and voting at the members assembly after a rigorous process requiring the sponsorship of the Motion by a variety of members from throughout the world. It is among the select group of motions of such importance that they cannot be voted upon virtually. Due to the significance of the creation of a climate crisis commission, it was selected for member discussion and voting at the Congress. After the Motion was accepted for members’ consideration, a group was appointed by the IUCN council to review the language of the motion for the purpose of making the motion language clear for the vote at the general assembly. Unfortunately, instead of clarifying the language, the reviewing group sought to change the purpose of the Motion. Language was inserted into the motion to offer an alternative for member voting. The alternative is to create a task force rather than a commission. This was an improper action in violation of IUCN rules.

The review group did not have the authority to change the purpose of the motion. The proposed Motion now has the improper language in brackets. It reads as follows: {block quote language]During the IUCN motions review process, Motion 003 - Establishing a Climate Change Commission, an attempt was made to insert alternative language into to call for another Climate Change task force instead of the Climate Change Commission that we so desperately need. At the Member's Assembly on September 8-10, it will be necessary to remove the alternative language and vote on the original motion to create the climate crisis commission. As an IUCN mechanism, a task force is a feeble alternative to a new commission composed of thousands who are united by a clear purpose. Based on our careful legal analysis, amending Motion 003 so drastically is not consistent with the IUCN’s own Statutes, Rules, and Regulations. Motions can and should be amended, but the amendments must retain the original intent of the motion. As an IUCN member, it is your right to vote on the original intent of Motion 003.

For more information, please read our legal memorandum.

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