Letter to IUCN Officers Regarding a Fair Vote on Motion 003


President Xinsheng Zhang

Vice President Amin Malik

Vice President John Robinson

Members of the IUCN Council

Chief Elections Officer for the IUCN Congress Nilufer Oral:

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has a long and distinguished record of being the most robust, inclusive, and impactful conservation organization in the world. The role of the IUCN in establishing the Red List, for supporting focused Commissions on key conservation priorities, and its permanent observer status at the IUCN affords the Union formidable impact and global respect.

It is in that context of appreciation and respect that we write as Members who have worked, planned, and organized for over a year to stave off the terrifying impacts of the climate crisis. The devastation of the natural world, owing to at least a 1.5C rise in global temperatures is fast approaching and, if the recent IPCC report is accurate, will be irreversible. Director General Bruno Oberle's email to IUCN members only serves to underscore the nature of the crisis and the crisis to nature, to future generations, and to Indigenous peoples and local communities.

We recognize that IUCN supports six commissions, each of which addresses climate change in its particular mandate and context. We are seeking support to give IUCN Members a chance to transform the organization into a potent force designed to achieve decisive change. The current structure has not been optimal with regard to our shared desire to effectively address the climate crisis. There must be an over-arching commitment that drives the conservation imperative of IUCN.

Thus we are dismayed that the Motions Working Group (MWG) transformed Motion 003 from its original form calling for the establishment of a new Climate Crisis Commission to, instead, establishing a fourth Task Force.

The MWG neither contacted the proponents and supporters of Motion 003 about transforming the original motion, nor responded to concerns expressed following the MWG's unilateral action. Instead, it appears that the MWG circumvented rules governing the motions process by removing the purpose of Motion 003 (to create a Climate Crisis Commission) and substituting in its place the creation of another task force. A copy of the original motion to create a climate crisis commission and a copy of the substitute motion with the language to create a task force are both attached for your review.

On behalf of the dedicated members of IUCN who complied with the requirements of IUCN statutes and regulations and who are the proponents of original Motion 003 - and the IUCN members who insist on a transparent, fair process of voting at the Assembly - we look forward to Motion 003 being offered to Members for debate in its original form.

Thank you.

Our Drowning Voices

(Youth led organization in the Pacific representing: Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance, Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation, Kua'aina Ulu 'Auamo, the Environmental Law Program, and Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies)

Email sent to president@iucn.org requesting a fair vote on Motion 003.

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