Motion 003 Comments in line with Mutatis Mutandis

Find attached the comments that are in line with IUCN rule(s):

Appendix to Brief
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[Relevant IUCN Statutes and Regulations: 62quinto. Following the close of the online discussion the Motions Working Group will (a) submit each motion, as amended during the online discussion or together with proposed amendments, as appropriate, to an electronic vote of the IUCN Members eligible to vote with the exception of the motions that warrant debate at the global level during the Congress which will continue to be discussed and voted upon during the Members’ Assembly. The electronic vote shall be opened and closed on dates prior to the opening of Congress to be determined by Council. Paragraphs c. to g. of Regulation 94 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the electronic vote on motions; or (b) refer to the Members’ Assembly for continued debate and vote on the floor, motions which have been the subject of such discussion and divergent proposed amendments or that are so controversial that it is, in the opinion of the Motions Working Group, not possible to produce a consensus text for submission to a decision by electronic vote prior to Congress.

62sexto. Rules 58 to 62 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the process of amending motions during the online discussion and the vote on amendments proposed during the online discussion, it being understood that the Motions Working Group will have the same authority that the Resolutions Committee or the Chair of the Congress exercise under these Rules.]

Oxford Languages Definition: Mutatis Mutandis (used when comparing two or more cases or situations) making necessary alterations while not affecting the main point at issue.

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