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Be sure that your IUCN member organization votes in favor of the creation of a Climate Change Commission at the IUCN Members' Assembly on September 8th-10th.

In the meantime, we look forward to hearing your ideas, questions, and comments! Filling out the sign up form is just the start of a meaningful conversation.

Show your support for the Climate Crisis Commission

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To propel IUCN to the forefront of climate action, an international team of IUCN members proposed Motion 003 – Establishing a Climate Change Commission – for the upcoming World Conservation Congress (WCC). Following some opposition and unreasonable alteration (see our FAQs and legal analysis), Motion 003 is now under threat and needs your support. To make the commission a reality, our team asks you to do four things before and during this September’s Congress:



Sign up to support the creation of a Climate Change Commission. You'll receive a few updates from us and reminders for voting at the World Conservation Congress. Use the form below.


to amend

When the agenda is presented for the World Conservation Congress, vote to amend Motion 003 to restore its original, un-compromised intent.


in favor

Vote in favor of the amended Motion 003 when it comes to a vote in the World Conservation Congress. Then vote to adopt the Climate Change Commission's mandate. If you cannot attend the Congress in person, please consider giving us your proxy vote.

Join the


Your membership in the Climate Change Commission will empower it to protect nature from global warming to 1.5°C. Membership in the Climate Change Commission is available to all members of all commissions.


We hope you will become part of the team propelling IUCN to climate action! We are confident that your ideas, questions, and comments will make our movement stronger. Filling out the sign up form is just the start of a meaningful conversation.

If you represent an IUCN member organization, then please let us know in this form. Your votes at the World Conservation Congress will be the critical step in making the Climate Change Commission a reality!